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Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and application of UVLED curing equipment technology. It is one of the early batch of enterprises focusing on the new UVLED curing equipment in China. Our company has been cultivating the UVLED application market for more than ten years and has a professional R&D engineering team, advanced design concept, high standard quality control and efficient technical service team. We have been cooperating with many famous universities in China and many famous international enterprises for a long time, so that we can continuously provide our customers with excellent products and reliable performance.

The company follows the international frontier UVLED technology, using advanced LED light-emitting technology, optimised heat dissipation design, simple and efficient UVLED control system, so that our products have excellent performance, simple and practical, to achieve intelligent control, and has a variety of intelligent protection functions, high reliability. Our UVLED surface light source, UVLED line light source, UVLED point light source in printing, paint drying, photoelectricity, electronics, exposure, sterilization, sterilization and other fields are widely used, in recent years we follow the market and customer demand design and manufacture of "uvled irradiation crosslinker" to help wire and cable industry In recent years, we have followed the market and customer demand to design and manufacture "uvled irradiation cross-linking machine" to help upgrade the production process of wire and cable industry, to contribute to energy saving and environmental protection. Our products and services have gained excellent reputation and customer recognition in China, and have been exported to the United States, Germany and other European and American countries and regions, and have been unanimously recognized by customers.

The company always insists on the business philosophy of "Honesty and Dedication - Efficient Service - Mutual Benefit and Win-Win" to provide customers with timely, professional and quality services. Whether for OEM solutions or end-user applications, Kyushu Xinghe's UVLED curing products have been recognized by customers and research institutions for their excellent performance, reliability and economic value in the field of UVLED applications.