Online multi track UV tunnel furnace

Product features: A new specialized intelligent control system with multiple monitoring and protective functions; Designed and manufactured specifically for automated production lines, quickly connecting to automated production lines; Timing control function and remote communication RS232 signal; Application industry: PCB, PCBA, FPC, new energy vehicle wiring harness, battery pack, and other production lines with high automation are widely used in fields.


Online multi track UV tunnel furnace

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Product description

Product Overview:

1. Adopt variable rail design: the belt width can be adjusted, which can adapt to different sizes of products.

2. No infrared radiation: excellent combination scheme, to achieve ultra-long-distance UV light source without dead angle irradiation.

3. LED high-energy ultraviolet output, stable UV energy output, high UV energy intensity.

4. High system integration: the irradiation mode, irradiation time, and UV energy can be set freely.

5. This model of tunnel furnace is designed and reserved for control signal input and control signal output.

6. All-round monitoring and protection: integrated water temperature monitoring/water flow monitoring/fault monitoring/automatic lights out.

7. Excellent optical simulation system tailors the best curing scheme for customers to solve the curing problem of various special-shaped parts.


Product parameters:

Dimensions: 1200mm*700mm*900mm

Conveyor belt size: 400mm*1410mm

Optical source configuration: 400mm*25mm

Peak value Wavelength: 365nm (customizable)

Heat dissipation method: water cooling heat dissipation

Energy uniformity: >85%

Operating system: PLC intelligent control system

Special functions: capacity adjustment, speed adjustment, height adjustment of inlet and outlet, fault alarm, emergency stop, remote control.



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