UVLED curing box

Product features: A new multifunctional intelligent control system that supports multi-channel independent operation; Can achieve seamless splicing, no dark areas, small size, light weight, unlimited splicing, and flexible matching; UV wavelength can be customized according to needs< br> Application industries: UV glue curing/UV ink curing, coating curing for various industries such as 3C electronics, PCB boards, optical fibers, medical devices, spray printing, rotary printing, automotive manufacturing, furniture decoration, etc


UVLED curing box

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Product description

Product Overview:

1. UV energy utilization rate is high and irradiation is uniform.

2. Imported lamp beads, with a service life of up to 20000H+.

3. Network port communication can realize ultra-long-range multi-machine joint control, which can be added to the automated production line.

4. Adapt to different production needs: you can freely set the irradiation mode, irradiation time, UV energy size, and choose different light source sizes according to different needs.

5. The uniformity of plane energy is more than 85%: the concentrating optical design can effectively improve the utilization rate of UV energy and improve the curing efficiency.

6. All-round monitoring and protection: integrated water temperature monitoring/water flow monitoring/fault monitoring/automatic lights out.

7. Adapt to various production modes: remote control integrates I/O signal/24V signal/photoelectric sensor signal/RS232 interface/network port communication (optional)/fault output.


Product parameters:

Dimensions: 520mm*130mm*64mm

Luminous size: 500mm*100mm

Peak energy consumption: 7500mW/cm^2

Peak wavelength: 365-405nm (customizable)

Heat dissipation mode: water-cooled heat dissipation / air-cooled heat dissipation / compression heat dissipation

Light source power consumption: 500W/pcs

Operating noise: 75db

Energy uniformity: >85%


Standard features:

Control signal type: passive switching signal DC24V analog signal

Control signal mode: pulse signal/level signal can be set

Fault alarm output: passive switching signal

Optional functions: dead light alarm R, energy monitoring R (check function support optional)


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